Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh shit, it's on

Toledo Hansen's partial article has reignited my 555 fire like a new ignition coil on an old RD 40o. It's time to start focusing on next years bike, a 1974 Husky 250 WR. Cost: $130

Being somewhat of a mechanical nimrod and not wanting to burden Pearl with carrying my mechanical dead weight like he did last year, I've tricked our buddy and local AHMA race champ, Jack Parker into clearing off a section of his work bench and allowing me to work on my Husky engine under his tutelage. I'd like to say that he has no idea what he's volunteered for but in truth, I think he does.

So the job is going to be: transform this

into a cross country runner for $370 additional dollars or less. Title and tires are not included in this amount and have never been part of the $500 limit. Let the hillarity begin. Stay tuned. - Erock

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