Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bridgport, wv

So I've been unable to update the blog for a bit since T-Mobile is awful and has no coverage... so I can only update when I can find Wi-Fi somewhere.

So we're in Bridgeport at our friend Seth's place. Today is Tuesday I think.

Recap of last few days. Left rogersville Friday morning with slims charging system fixed. Made it out of tn and into va before we had lots of small problems we had to stop for. Cruising along near Lebanon, va Dave walker's bike died...no compression. Got it trailored down to the superstop gas station/hot rod cafe and tore the motor apart to find that both bolts holding the cam chain sprocket had sheared...causing the pistons to slam into the exhaust valves and bend the hell out of them.

Found the nearest valves back in Johnson city...so decided to send a few back the next morn to get the parts.
Drunkfest 012 happened Friday night beside the gas station. The term "baby bird" was born.
Sat morn...jimmy, tank and cody headed for Johnson city to get parts for d walker. Meanwhile the rest of us chilled at a fall festival in cedar bluff, va. On the way back from johnson city...Jimmy's bike did the EXACT SAME THING that d walkers did. Bolts sheared and bent a valve. Got him trailered back to the gas station and got his dad to bring up a spare head from Knoxville that we robbed a valve from. Put d walker's bike back together and then tried to put Jimmy's back but couldn't get the engine to time. Upon further inspection...his cam chain was stretched and trash. He decided to get his wife to come get him and then fix it in Knoxville and then catch up with us later.
Meanwhile Glenn was replacing a bad valve in his motor when he discovered a broken piston ring. Got new ones in JC and replaced and he's good now. Mike tried tightening his can chain...only to discover his tensioner was missing some pieces...down in the motor. So he tore his all apart too...so at one point we had 4 motors apart in the parking lot. Mike cleaned it out and they tried to make a makeshift fix out of lead fishing sinkers... seriously. Put it back together and it started.
We left jimmy Sunday morning and made many miles up to wv and road 219. Slept south of elkins Sunday night in national forest and headed for Bridgeport Monday morn. 50 miles out...mike's bike stopped. Tensioner completely came apart. Seth trailered him to Bridgeport and now we're waiting on jimmy to reach us with parts for mike. We're also waiting out the rain.

Headed to dubois, pa tomorrow to stay with cody and mike's family....

Next update whenever I find WiFi again!

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