Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just into vermont

Left Seth's on Wednesday with jimmy back with us. Made it to mike and Cody's home that night. The fam fed us and gave us beer and shelter! Next morn we ate a huge omish breakfast that made us have a late start so we only made it south of Bradford PA where we camped in national Forest for the night. Cody left us this day to go back to work.
Next day we covered many more miles and got almost to NY. Jimmy blew a spark plug out so we had to go back to town and get a tap kit for it. Ended up camping in the yard of the house we broke down in front of... thanks Dan!
Next day lots of rough NY roads but we made it to Glenn's mom house where she and john fed us and sheltered us. Thankyou! Everyone crashed out early due to having our asses kicked by the roads.
Today we have made it to the border of Vermont and new Hampshire on route 9. Portland tomorrow god willing!

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