Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just like old times

With the imminent arrival of the Portland 555 guys to Knoxville via Johnny Walker's farm in Monterrey, I decided the only decent thing to ride to the party was my original 555 bike.....Phily Joe Special (1974 Honda CL450). The fact that it wasn't running as of 2 days ago necessitated my own private wrench party in the basement on Sunday night. I'm pretty sure Pearl was doing the same thing over in his garage, but I don't think he took pics. Anyway, last year in Portland I had discovered Phily Joe's electrical/charging problems had been the result of the chain cutting all of the wires going to the stator/alternator. My "fix" was on the street in front of Face's apt in the evening before our big Beulehland party and included using electrical tape to splice in some extra wire to bridge the huge gap left by the chain slashing and wrapped it all in duct tape. Not the best solution of course, but I just wanted to ride to the party. I always intended to get home (or break down on the way home) and actually solder the connections or get new wires.
Fast forward 1 year.....not once have I even looked at the wires. I've just kept riding it around town with Sneaky Pistol's ever impressive mantra of "Hey..Yo...I'll get around to it" (spoken with a accent somewhere between Rocky Balboa, Tony Soprano, and Emeril Lagasi).

As you can imagine, about a month ago Phily Joe barely got me home and I promptly parked her and rode some other bikes around. But alas, the grand arrival of the Portland 555 gave me the kick in the ass I needed to work on Phily Joe and get her running again. See you on the road!

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