Friday, June 19, 2009

Somewhere out there there are seven riders iching to hit the road again. Actually, it's the dusty trail that beckons them this time. In 2010, the 555 plan to head out on old, shitknuckle beaters to traverse the country and then the length of Baja, all on unpaved roads if all possible. The rules of the trail will be the same as the original 555 and bikes like this one will be pressed into service for the event. Hopefully, with more time that we had last time to work out the bugs, these steeds will be more faithful than some of the bikes on the last trip...but somehow, I doubt it. Bah, come hell or high water, or both, we'll ride these things to the Pacific and then some. Check back for updates as we bring this blog up to spead. - Erock

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