Monday, June 22, 2009

Reminding me a bit like this commercial from my youth ,Germ attempted to fool The 555 and has paid the price. You see, Germ left pdx on a Honda XL 500. While abiding by the first two rules (his bike is at the top end of the cc allotment [but non-the-less it makes it] and we trust that he didn't invest more than $500 into it) Germ attempted to fool mother nature by riding a bike that failed the third and really, most critical rule. A quick check of Al Gore's biggest contribution to mankind and one finds that the Honda XL500 that Germ was riding was introduced in the very futuristic year of 1979. It's no wonder, really, that his bike shit the bed. The 555 is not surprized.
Although I'm sure he dosn't think so at the momment, Germ's a lucky man. Had he shown up in Knoxville on a bike made in 1979, he would have been shuned, ridiculed and made to sleep outside with our dog Otis who's breath and general stench could make even someone named 'Germ" retch. However, if at this early stage of the game, he's successfull of locating a real bike and is able to pilot it to Knoxville, it's zero to hero and a couch for the Germ! Go Germ!
Check back for more updates on the pdx555 - Erock

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