Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A bit more about the trip

So the teams are Slim and Slappy, Pearl and Slick, Dic and Pistol,  DoubleRinger/Erock and Feat. One of the rigs has a hard-mounted side most normal sidecars, but the other 3 of them are setup so the bikes still a normal motorcycle...just with flexible chassis mounts mounting the sidecars to them. The sidecar wheels don't lean though, so it makes for some super funky turns. You get to know the guy in the sidecar really well in a right-hand turn. They're weird as hell to ride since the things want to jerk all over the place...and there's just a 350cc motor trying to pull all of that extra weight, but man are they fun!

This is Erock and Feat's rig ..... I'm tossing around the name 'Speedball' ...1/2 cocaine...1/2 heroin...pretty obvious which is which.

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