Friday, October 22, 2010

Quartered and halved

Wednesday morning or afternoon, we all assembled in Dodge City and decided that Dic and Pistol could work on their bike and that the rest of us would press on. If they got it fixed, they would catch up. So we left sometime Wednesday afternoon and headed due west. Got into Colorado and had some mexican food that night. We  rode all night...and it got cold...but we pressed on. At about 100 miles outside of Denver/Boulder, Feat and Erock's rear wheel bearings started 'making some noise'. An inspection of the chain revealed copious amounts of metal...but we pressed on, trying to get to Erock's brother's house in Boulder. Eventually the thing was howling and dragging the engine down...all we could get up to was 3rd gear....and the Boulder early commuters we're not very happy with us. Eventually we made it to Scott's house about 6:30am and got some sleep. Pistol and Dic did get their rig fixed and decided to head to Leadville to see a friend. I think they made it there last night (Thursday night), and then they were gonna ditch the rig there (since both have to be at work on Monday) and then get to Denver for flights back to Knoxville today. Just heard from Pistol that he already landed in obviously they made it to the airport today in Denver. Good work boys!

Reality set in when we woke up and realized that we weren't going to make it to Portland by Friday. Erock has to be back to Knoxville on Saturday, so he was 1st to say he was ending his part of the trip at Boulder and flying back to Knoxville out of Denver. I thought about going on without him, but Speedball has the trashed rear wheel bearing and also is burning through the tires on the sidecar and rear of the bike like crazy. So I'd need to get all new stuff before pressing on...and I didn't want to weigh the remaining guys down and I need to get back and open up the Public House, so Speedball is staying in Denver. Hopefully, a friend of Slick's will trailer it back to Knoxville sometime in or before December.  Slick and Slappy both have to be back at work on Monday, so they decided to stay with us in Boulder and fly back to Knoville from here. Pearl and Slim are our remaining 2 on the road. Neither one has the pressing Monday deadline that the rest of us they are gonna make it to Portland!  Both have their own rig...just with nobody in the sidecar now. They are making awesome time now being 200lbs lighter! They left Thursday about 2pm and are already near the border of Wyoming and Utah.  Go get em boys!

On the way to Boulder we stopped in the middle of nowhere  southeast of there and ran across the Portland 555 guys sticker. Unbelievable! 

View from Scott's front yard 

Speedball's sidecar tire....just a little chewed up 

Last 2 guys leaving Boulder 

Speedball's resting place in Boulder


  1. Sorry youse had to turn back, but a very ambition adventure. See you back here soon.

  2. I know you are disappointed but your schedule was mighty optimistic, considering the last time you made this trip it took longer and you weren't dragging side cars. You certainly made a valiant effort and I'm just glad you had the good sense to call it quits when you did. Good luck to Pearl and Slim; sounds like they are well on their way to making Portland soon. And good luck with the Public House.

    PS - Speedball looks kinda sad. Hope you can get her back.