Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New wheels 4 2 sidecars

Slim/slappy and erock/feat had 5 snd 4 broken spokes respectively so we searched for new wheels in a junkyard nearby. After rummaging through mosquito infested poison ivy for an hour or 2, we bought the best crappy ass rusty wheels we could find. The guy's at the junkyard told us about Dave and sons shop in town so we headed there to see if they could help us put the tires in the new old wheels. Dave was awesome and did us 2 better by giving us Much better wheels that already had good rubber on them. Dave and his family earn a huge high five from the 555.
We made it a bit further before the effects of no sleep in 2 days got to us so we slept for 6 awesome hours in front of some under construction church. Up today and into the rain for 3 not so awesome hours. Dry now though. To the panhandle we go!
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  1. I would love to comment. Good on yer.

  2. i spy with my little eye...camo busch!