Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 555!!!

So the 2010 555 leaves Knoxville at 5:55am on Oct 15. That's right, this coming up Friday.

Same rules as the last one....1975 or older bike, 500cc's or less, and you can only spend $500 buying and fixing up your machine...and sidecar. Yep, we've added sidecars to the mix. Since buying actual sidecars would be too expensive, we fabricated 4 of them from spare tubing we had laying around our shops.

Chocolate Thunder and Face are sitting this one out, but we picked up 3 other knuckle-heads equally as dumbass as we are....Slappy, Slim and Slick.  So 8 of us are riding 4 Honda Cl350's with homemade sidecars to Portland, OR.....for under $500 in the bike and sidecar TOGETHER.

 Where old bikes come from

Pearl and Slick's ride

Figuring it out

Slick using his imagination

 This is how the sidecars connect to the bikes

Slim and Slick

 Gently persuade it

 Don't need these....

Feat working on the clutch

I think these are some of our sidecar wheels

 Erock welding

 Fin off a 58 Fairlane...now on Slick's sidecar

 3 frames started...end of day 1 of work
First fire of Dic and Pistol's bike...that ain't smoke.

Work is progressing...
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  1. man, the 555 idea is so cool!

    my congrats!


    but u could have put the limit on <555cc!!!
    there r some really cool (and cheap) lil bikes at that size!!!
    honda cb550
    yamaha xj550
    kawa gpz550
    suzu gs550

    (well... if u were in italy, u could find some really cheal guzzis v35/50 for less than 500euros!)


  2. Dude, that list of 550/4 cylinder bikes - what is the adventure in that? Those are top notch touring bikes already.

  3. really????

    top notch...those old steels??


    anyway...u r right!
    they woulf be anyway too modern...
    after 1975!


    cheers bro!