Saturday, October 16, 2010

Uh oh...

Is an aluminum covered sparkplug bad?
Too bad we're not in pawhuska again when this happened!
Ok, we are 2 miles from dyersberg, tn. Need a 350 piston. Come on blog!
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  1. Did you guys find a piston yet?

  2. What happened which bike. We are almost back from Little Rock From Boo

  3. Just in case you don't find one, and you have to rent a u-haul. Don't tell them you are putting a bike in it. They won't rent to you! I learn the the hard way.

  4. "Uh oh" does not inspire confidence. Ditto "holy crap," "wow, would you look at that," and "Houston, we have a problem'!

    Stay safe!

    Feat's mom